Body Chain Bralettes from Borderier Jewelry

I just got three AMAZING body jewelry pieces and I’m so excited about them!! They came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. The first one I got was this cute triangle bikini-top piece that is, unfortunately, too small for me. I really love this one, though. I’ve seen people wear them over their bathing suit tops and that’s really cute but I really wanted to wear this over a cool graphic tee because I’ve seen that online and it looks really edgy and interesting. Even though it didn’t fit, I would still recommend it (so long as you have small to medium sized breasts) because it’s really well made and super cute!!

The second piece I got ended up being my favorite! It’s like a halter top piece that has like a diamond pattern and is scalloped on the bottom, it’s so cute!! This one isn’t as long on me as it is in the picture online because my boobs are really big but it still fits like a dream and I’m obsessed with it! I’ve been wearing it like every day, I love it. You can wear it outside (it looks especially cute with a bikini top or spaghetti-strapped crop top) or tucked into a shirt (which is what I showed in the picture) and I love it so much both ways! The only thing I should mention is that this one is very dainty and fragile so you’ll have to be a bit more careful with it. One thing that actually really amazed me is that it actually fit my back! I’m sort of barrel chested so things like this don’t normally fit around my back but this one definitely does and it’s adjustable if you’re smaller or bigger than me! You’re definitely going to be seeing this in a LOT of my pictures from here on out, lol.

The third piece is honestly so elaborate and gorgeous. I probably won’t be wearing this one out of the house very much because I feel like it honestly looks better over lingerie (or nothing at all!) and it just makes you feel so sexy and expensive. This one is a halter top as well but it also has these chains that drape over your shoulders and down your back. This one also came with like a built in necklace, it’s really cute. I can’t imagine how much time it took to make this piece but it’s definitely worth it because it looks so beautiful on! This one fit great, too, by the way. I think that maybe my boobs were supposed to fit into the draping chains but I wouldn’t want that anyway, I love having it just draped over me, it’s gorgeous.

As you can tell I’m definitely a fan of all of these! I really don’t have anything negative to say about a single one. They all seem to be very well made and they fit pretty well for something that’s one-size fits all. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for body jewelry, especially since these are the most affordable pieces I’ve seen!

You can find all three of these pieces listed below in the same order I talked about them:

Triangle Piece:

Scalloped Piece:

Cross Over Piece:


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