Collagen Skin Treatment Face Masks from iBeautyLabs

I just got the most AMAZING face masks from iBeautyLabs!! They’re so cute, they’re purple and orange! And not only are they cute, but they’ve got a lot of awesome ingredients for your face so they make YOU cute too! They came on time, very nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online.

The first thing I thought when I got them was “Oh my god… that’s a lot of liquid in there, how am I supposed to put these on my face without getting soaked??” but it really isn’t that difficult. I slid everything out into a bowl and brought the bowl to bed with me. Then, I put them on my face while I was lying down and nothing got messy at all so I was really pleased with that!

They feel really great on your face, too. They’re not like those paper sheet masks so they’re not thin and papery feeling. I don’t know what they’re made of but they’re jiggly like jello which a) feels awesome and b) makes them really easy to adhere to your face. When they were on I was actually able to get up and move around without them falling off which is cool. After I took them off my face felt SO much softer and more hydrated, it was amazing.

Usually you can’t really tell much of a difference after using a mask, if anything your skin just feels hydrated but these are so much better! And they smell good too so it’s really such a pleasant experience to use them, I would definitely do it again! The best part is, they come in a bunch of different colors so now I want to try out the whole range!! I’m really happy with them so far (obviously) and I would DEFINITELY recommend them to anyone out there looking for a good, new face mask to try out!

You can find these masks online at the links below:




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