1000mAh Mini Power Bank from FREEWISE

I just got this mini power bank from FREEWISE and I love it!! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. I’ve been needing a portable charger for a LONG time. I’m so sick of leaving the house and having to deal with my phone dying. I bought an extra battery but sometimes that’s just not enough. This is awesome because you charge it while you’re at home or overnight (I like to always keep it on the charger while I’m home and not using it) and then throw it in your bag when it’s time to go out. Now, if my phone ever gets low while I’m out I can just plug it in and charge it right in my purse!! The cool thing is, it’s got two USB ports with a 1A output and a 2A output so I can power two different devices at the same time! It also has a light on it that you can turn on if it’s dark and you can’t see or if there’s ever an emergency. I’m so happy to have this and I would DEFINITELY recommend it to anyone who’s sick of their phone dying while they’re out and about!

You can find this power bank online at Amazon.com/dp/B0711CWQGY


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