Trump University Desk Pen Holder & Paperweight

I just got this hilarious Trump pen holder from Saif Dae for my Dad and we honestly can’t stop laughing about it!! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. I knew my Dad was going to love it. My Dad was a big Trump supporter during the campaign race (unlike myself) and we used to get into the biggest fights about him! Now, a few months into his presidency, my Dad is 100% turned around. He makes jokes about Trump every day and is always updating me on the latest stories he hears about Trump on the news, it’s like a big running joke in our house. Especially the stuff with Russia! So.. this was honestly perfect! Obviously it’s pretty vulgar but aside from that, it actually does a really good job as a pen holder and a paperweight so he really loves using it on his desk! This would be a hilarious novelty gift for any democrats in your lives or in my case, any republican who likes to laugh at Trump! Lol. I would definitely recommend it!

You can find this pen holder online at


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