Money Belt & Neck Pouch from Magic Journey

Just got this money belt and neck pouch from Magic Journey and I love them both so much! They came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. As you know (if you follow me on social media) I recently started dieting and exercising to get healthier. A few times a week I like to go out walking/jogging with my workout buddy and I always have to hold stuff in my hands or bring one of my purses because I need to be able to bring my phone, keys, wallet, and water but women’s workout clothes don’t come with pockets! I was thinking of getting a fanny pack but these work so much better and they’re also great for traveling! One of them is a thin pouch that clips around your waist. It’s kind of like a fanny pack but I like it more because it’s so thin and the strap is super stretchy so it’s comfortable to wear. I love to wear it above my waist too, it’s more flattering that way. The one with the strap goes around your neck which is super convenient to. I usually wear the money belt around my waist and I let my workout buddy wear the neck pouch, that way he can bring his stuff too. We’re both loving these so far and we would definitely recommend them!

You can find these online at


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