Long Way 925 Sterling Silver Teardrop CZ Adjustable Ring

I just got this adorable tear drop shaped cubic zirconia ring from Long Way 925 and I love it! It came on time, very nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. It came in a nice black box too, which I definitely appreciate because I always love it when jewelry comes in gift boxes so it’s gift ready if that’s what you’re buying it for. I’m planning on keeping mine, though, because it’s super cute and I’ve never seen a ring like this before. Instead of being a hard metal band, it’s more like a bracelet for your finger. It’s got a dainty chain band that’s completely adjustable so you can wear it on any finger you want.

It’s also cool because if you did want to buy it as a gift, you don’t have to worry about ring sizes because this ring can probably fit anyone! It’s very comfortable to wear, too. I was worried it might slip off a lot or something but it doesn’t. I love how thin and elegant it looks and I already got a few compliments on it in the last couple days so that definitely makes me happy!. It hasn’t chipped or started to irritate my skin and it didn’t leave any horrible green mark on my fingers that some rings do so I’m really happy with it and I would definitely recommend it!


You can find this ring online at Amazon.com/gp/product/B071G5M3SD



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