Purple & Pink LED Wireless Headphones from Riwbox

I just got these wireless bluetooth headphones from Riwbox and I’m in love with them!! They came on time, very nicely packaged, and looked exactly like they do in the pictures online. They look amazing, honestly. I love the purple and pink (if you don’t, they come in a few different color options so don’t worry, lol). They seem to be very well made, too. When they come in the box they’re bent to be smaller and it was really easy to pop it back into place and I didn’t feel like I was coming close to breaking them the way it can with other cheap headphones.

The headphones are adjustable and the sides extend, too, which is awesome because I have kind of a big head and one-size-fits-all headphones don’t usually work for me. They fit very comfortably over your ears, too and I haven’t had any pains when I wore them for a long stretch of time so that’s great. You can either set these up with bluetooth or you can plug them straight into your device with the cord they included. The cord is so cute because it’s purple like the head set AND it’s braided so it’s going to last a long time. The sound quality is EXCELLENT. I’ve been using them non-stop and they’re currently my favorite pair of headphones. I will say that they’re not completely sound-proof from the outside. Other people can hear what you’re listening to if you’re listening at a high volume but that doesn’t bother me too much.


But I saved the best for last! My favorite part about these has to be the LED lights! They start up immediately after you connect with bluetooth and they switch from color to color but when you start playing music the lights dance along to whatever song you’re playing, it’s beautiful! I’ve already been stopped multiple times from people asking where I got my headphones from because they love the lights! I’m super excited to keep using these and I absolutely love them so I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a good headphone set, bluetooth or otherwise!

You can find these headphones online at Amazon.com/dp/B071P9626R


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