Gold Cuban Crown Mini Jesus Pendant from Hip Hop Bling

I just got this necklace from HipHop Bling and it’s so nice, I’m really impressed! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. Those of you who know me might be confused about why I would want a religious pendant, I’m sure. Well, I was actually raised in the church and my Mom is still very much religious and the minute I saw this I knew she would love it! It’s really great quality, I’m really impressed with how nicely this piece was made. It’s gold plated (I assume, I’m not sure) and the stones are CZ but they don’t feel cheap at all. They’re all very nicely set into place and nothing is loose.

Whoever made it paid a lot of attention to detail because not a stone or gold piece is out of place. Even up close it doesn’t look sloppy at all the way other pendants can, it’s beautiful! The pendant is a little mini Jesus head and he’s wearing the crown of thorns (except the thorns are actually CZ, along with his beard and hair, lol.) My mom absolutely loves it! She’s been wearing it non stop and it hasn’t shown any sign of chipping or fading yet so that’s awesome. It also hasn’t irritated her skin or left it green so it’s working out great for her, she’s really happy with it! I would definitely recommend it!


You can find this necklace online at


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