All Natural Hair Growth Oil from Rejuvenate Organics

I got this hair growth oil from Rejuvenate Organics about a week ago and I was really excited to start testing it out, you have no idea! I’ve been using it ever since and I really like it so far. It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. It says it’s supposed to stimulate natural hair growth which is something I’m super excited about because my hair has been thinning out for the last few years and I really want to bring back some of my volume. It’s made out of all natural/organic carrier oils and essential oils, too, so it’s actually just really great for your hair all around.


It has coconut and argon oil in it, both of which I LOVE to use on my hair anyway. It also has castor oil in it which I thought was interesting (and promising) because I use pure castor oil as a way to naturally grow my eyebrows. The oil isn’t as greasy as I thought it might be in my hands or my hair which I really appreciate. Because it’s not too thick or oily, I’m able to wash it out relatively easily. The smell is great! It’s not overpowering or unpleasant at all. I’m sure it smells like a lot of different things but the most noticeable scent (to me) is the peppermint oil so I think it smells great.

I’ve been using it two different ways. Twice I tried it as a treatment oil and put a thin amount on and left it on for an hour or more and then washed it out and that worked really well, my hair came out a lot silkier and shinier than before it was applied. The other way is completely saturating my hair in the oil before I go to bed so it can soak in my hair overnight. I use a sleeping cap to keep my pillow cases clean and in the morning I take a shower to wash it all out. This has really been improving the look and texture of my hair because it’s basically like a hair mask. I’ve only been using it for a week so I haven’t seen any noticable differences in hair growth obviously but like I said, I’m really loving it so far and I would definitely recommend it because it’s got some amazing, natural ingredients for your hair and my hair is looking great because of it!

You can find this treatment oil online at


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