Tree of Life Pendant Necklace from Boutique Lovin

I just got this GORGEOUS necklace from Boutique Lovin and I’m so excited about it! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. It’s called their “Tree of Life” necklace because it’s a wire wrapped tree that has all of these rainbow colored gem stones on it that are supposed to resemble leafs. Their web page says they used high quality crystal chakra stones for the necklace including clear quartz, amethyst, lapis lazuli, green aventurine, citrine, red agate and redstone which is awesome! It’s supposedly a healing necklace which I think is really cool, especially if you wanted to give it to someone as a “get well” gift. 

It came in a really nice bright orange, velvet gift bag that was super cute. I always appreciate when companies include a bag or box to keep the jewelry in instead of just shipping their jewelry out in plastic, it’s much nicer this way and is better for a gift. The necklace itself is gorgeous and really comfortable to wear. It seems to be really well made, too. I’ve been wearing it off and on for about a week now and it hasn’t broken, it’s not leaving my neck green, and it hasn’t chipped or tarnished so I’m a happy girl!! I’m in love with this necklace and I would highly recommend it!!

You can find this necklace at


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