Red Cat Eye Polarized Lens Sunglasses from NBsparkle

I’m IN LOVE with these glasses!! They came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. The packaging was actually the nicest I’ve ever seen for a pair of sunglasses. They came in a nice black box that pulls out of it’s cover. Everything inside is protected by packaging materials which is very much appreciated. They even came with a carrying pouch to protect them in your bag AND a cleaning cloth! The glasses themselves are very good quality, they don’t feel too flimsy at all. I wouldn’t throw them in your purse without a case or anything because the frames are made of plastic and that might break them or scratch the lenses but they feel very nice!

They’re comfortable to wear, too, especially around the nose. The color is beautiful, they look just like they do in the pictures online. They turn the whole world a pink-ish red and make everything brighter, it looks like you’ve got a permanent Instagram filter on, haha. As most of you know, yellow and red are the hottest colors of the summer so I’m SUPER excited to have these to pair with all of my yellow clothes! 100% would recommend these to anyone, they’re so cute and I’ve already gotten so many compliments on them!

tumblr_ouuy5fpG9v1vmv8mbo2_1280.pngYou can find these glasses online at




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