My name is Jenn DeCima and I’m a 26 year old woman living in Sacramento, California. I’m extremely active and love to over-share on my social media channels so if you’re interested to learn more about what kind of person I am, head over there! I made this blog to review products for anyone interested in reading it! I’m mainly interested in beauty, fashion, makeup, skincare etc. but I also love to review things for home, garden, electronics, and more! I’ll accept most offers as long as you’re looking for an honest review, I don’t do scripted reviews! I am currently only accepting offers where the product (and shipping) is 100% free of charge to me, but if you think I might LOVE your product feel free to send me your offer! I have a very large family with lots of boys and kids so if I’m not particularly interested in something– one of them definitely will be! I write lots of reviews for men’s and children’s products. If you’re interested in working with me send me an email at JenniferDeCima@gmail.com or go to my contact page and send me a message, I look forward to hearing from you!