I just got this GORGEOUS gold jewelry set from BOUTIQUE LOVIN and I’m so excited about it! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. It comes with a gold chain necklace with a large filigree leaf at the end and two matching earrings that are just as cute. The cool thing about this set is that all of the jewelry is actually made out of REAL leaves which I think is so cool. It also means that no two pieces are exactly alike which is awesome.

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Just got these L/XL grey leggings from SG Style and I’m obsessed, they’re my new favorite work out pants! They came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. Sometimes  when you order clothing on Amazon it looks nice online but when it arrives it’s thin and scratchy but these were the exact opposite because they’re SUPER soft and a really thick.

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I just picked up these brown tuxedo leggings from Lazy Caturday and I could NOT be happier with them! They came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. The wrapping for these was SO adorable! It came in a pink mailer, it was wrapped in pink tissue paper, and there’s little kitties on the sticker and the tag! Speaking of the tag, it’s attached by a safety pin which I always appreciate because you’re less likely to rip a hole in your new clothes if you don’t have to rip the tag off of them, lol.

When I first saw them I honestly thought they were going to be too small but you would not believe how stretchy they are! They fit me perfectly and I feel like even if I get a little bigger or a little smaller they’ll still fit so that’s awesome. I’ve been wearing these while I jog and they’ve been working out great for me. They’re super comfortable, they don’t ride up, they don’t fall down so you don’t have to keep pulling them up, and they don’t inhibit my leg movement at all while I run so that’s awesome. Not only do they feel great, but I think they look great too! I love the subtle stripes going down the side because they add a sporty touch to the otherwise plain leggings. They’re made really well, too. Sometimes when you buy leggings they’re really thin and you end up not even being able to wear them unless it’s with a dress because you can see EVERYTHING. These definitely aren’t like that. They’re thick enough to pass the bend-over test so I would definitely recommend them!

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Cozy Plush House Slippers from Caramella Bubble

I got these adorable indoor slippers from Caramella Bubble about a week or two ago and they’re so nice! They came on time, very nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. As you can see in the pictures, the packaging they arrived in was almost as cute as the slippers themselves! I love the little pink ribbon, so nice. Anyway the slippers are made out of some sort of fleece like material on the inside that is SO unbelievably soft and the insoles are even better because according to the website they’re made of memory foam and sponge and you can definitely tell! It feels like you’re walking on fuzzy, warm marshmallows. It’s amazing,  I CANNOT wait until Fall arrives so I can wear these non-stop! They’re also great to wear indoor and outdoor because the bottom has a non-slip, waterproof grip which is awesome because I tend to go outside on my porch a lot in the fall and winter and HATE soppy slippers, lol. I have to admit, though– I have no idea what animal this is supposed to be. No clue, but they’re still cute and I love the little pom pom ears! I’m in love with these slippers, I would definitely recommend them. They have other options too, including bunnies which I really want to get next!

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Boutique Lovin Clear Quartz Crystal Pendant Necklace

I am so excited about my new crystal necklace from Boutique Lovin! Crystals are my thing right now so I couldn’t have been more excited for it to arrive after I ordered it. It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. It came in a really nice bright orange, velvet gift bag that was super cute. I always appreciate when companies include a bag or box to keep the jewelry in instead of just shipping their jewelry out in plastic, it’s much nicer this way and is better for a gift.

The necklace is so beautiful, it’s a pretty clear crystal pendant surrounded by silver because the topped of it has been dipped in silver and the chain is silver as well. It seems to be well made and I’ve been wearing it off and on for about a week now and it hasn’t broken, it’s not leaving my neck green, and it hasn’t chipped or tarnished which I obviously appreciate and I’ve already got a few questions and compliments about it! The best part is the website says it’s supposed to help clear negative energy and make you feel balanced so it’s great for praying, meditation or yoga practices! I’m in love with this necklace and I would highly recommend it!!

You can find this necklace online at

Red Cat Eye Polarized Lens Sunglasses from NBsparkle

I’m IN LOVE with these glasses!! They came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. The packaging was actually the nicest I’ve ever seen for a pair of sunglasses. They came in a nice black box that pulls out of it’s cover. Everything inside is protected by packaging materials which is very much appreciated. They even came with a carrying pouch to protect them in your bag AND a cleaning cloth! The glasses themselves are very good quality, they don’t feel too flimsy at all. I wouldn’t throw them in your purse without a case or anything because the frames are made of plastic and that might break them or scratch the lenses but they feel very nice!

They’re comfortable to wear, too, especially around the nose. The color is beautiful, they look just like they do in the pictures online. They turn the whole world a pink-ish red and make everything brighter, it looks like you’ve got a permanent Instagram filter on, haha. As most of you know, yellow and red are the hottest colors of the summer so I’m SUPER excited to have these to pair with all of my yellow clothes! 100% would recommend these to anyone, they’re so cute and I’ve already gotten so many compliments on them!

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RFID Blocking Money Belt & Neck Pouch from Venture 4th

Just got this money belt and neck pouch from Venture 4th and I love them both so much! They came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. As you know (if you follow me on social media) I recently started dieting and exercising to get healthier. A few times a week I like to go out walking/jogging with my workout buddy and I always have to hold stuff in my hands or bring one of my purses because I need to be able to bring my phone, keys, wallet, and water but women’s workout clothes don’t come with pockets! I was thinking of getting a fanny pack but these work so much better and they’re also great for traveling!

One of them is a thin pouch that clips around your waist. It’s kind of like a fanny pack but I like it more because it’s so thin and the strap is super stretchy so it’s comfortable to wear. I love to wear it above my waist too, it’s more flattering that way. The one with the strap goes around your neck which is super convenient too. I usually wear the neck pouch because I like all of the pockets and I let my workout buddy wear the money belt because he doesn’t need to carry as much stuff as I do. I included a picture of me from last night at the California State Capitol where we were jogging! You can barely see the neck pouch because it was dark out but you can see how small and lightweight it is. Inside of it I had my keys, my money, my inhaler, my chap stick, and my phone so it fits ALOT. We’re both loving these so far and we would definitely recommend them!


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