I just got this awesome heated sleeping mask from Graphene Times and I love it so far! It came on time, very nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I’ve ALWAYS been a late sleeper. I just can’t help it.. I don’t think it’s natural for any human to wake up before noon, lol. However, sleeping while the sun is out can be tricky. Not only is it not good for your body and causes poor sleep, but it’s also really annoying because it keeps waking you up! Up until now I’ve just been throwing a pillow over my head but that’s pretty uncomfortable. I’ve tried other sleep masks in the past but they were always really uncomfortable and ended up coming off at night so they didn’t even help me by the time the sun came up. With this mask, I didn’t have any of those issues!

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I just got this cute neon dream catcher bed set from Sleepwish and I love it! It comes with 3 pieces in total– 1 duvet cover and two pillow shams which is perfect. I was a little worried because the website says it’s made of mostly microfiber so I thought it might be too thin or uncomfortable but it’s not, I love it. It’s thin but PERFECT for Summer because I can’t stand a thick blanket during the heat. It’s a lot thicker than a sheet would be so it should work for cooler climates as well or you could just put you’re regular thick blanket inside of it like it’s intended instead of using it as an actual blanket on it’s own like I am, it’s up to you!

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So I just got this rose gold colored hand held mini vacuum from NUWA and I’m obsessed! I got it for the car and I wasn’t even sure how often I would even use it but I’ve been using it non-stop! I honestly thought I would throw it in the trunk and forget about it or use it once and never bring it back in to recharge it but I’m actually worried I’m going to kill it with how much I’ve been using it and not just in the car, it works everywhere and it’s been a life saver! It even picks up dry AND wet messes which I didn’t even know a vacuum could do so that’s amazing!

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Just got this couch cover for pet owners from INNX and I love it so far! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. I got it for my sister because she has a big dog and her couches and chairs are always COVERED in fur and dirt. She put the couch cover on her main couch in the living room because that’s where her dog usually likes to sleep and hang out in the day time and it’s been working out really well! It’s super easy to install, too, which is awesome!

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Just got this three stage knife sharpener from PASITO and I love it so far! I’ve been needing one of these for so long because I was SUPER close to just throwing away all of my knives and getting new ones. I’ve tried sharpening them in the past and it didn’t work and they’ve just been getting more and more dull. They barely even worked before I got this sharpener so I’m super happy to have it!

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Just got this large purple laptop tray from NNEWVANTE and I’m in love with it so far! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked exactly like the pictures online. Those of you who know me offline know that I have the WORST posture known to man and I’m always hunched over my laptop in bed which causes me a lot of back and neck pain so I thought something like this might improve my life and I was definitely right!
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I got this corkscrew set from YIFANYU almost two weeks ago and I’ve used it a couple times since and I really like it! It came on time, nicely packaged, and looked just like the pictures online. It’s made out of a nice weighted metal that the website says is high-grade zinc alloy which is awesome. It’s got a really heavy, expensive feeling to it and the copper finish makes it look beautiful and luxurious so I’m a big fan!

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